Winter/Spring Courses: Reflections from our DEL Community

Winter/Spring Courses: Reflections from our DEL Community

Course attendees share their experiences after participating in a wide range of dynamic, online learning with DEL.

During our Winter/Spring 2022 season, DEL participants had the opportunity to dive into a variety of dance education topics, including: Dance & Civics, Anti-Racist Dance Applications, Dance for Students with Disabilities, Making Dance with Baye and Asa, DEL Environmental Justice, Women in Street Dance, and more.

Members of The DEL Institute – Teacher Certificate Program have access to all DEL courses as they work towards their certificate. If you’d like to learn more about this year-long program, sign up for our waitlist here!

Praise from the DEL community:

From DEL Dance for Students with Disabilities: “This course was so valuable and enriching, and delivered what was advertised. I feel like I could take this course multiple times and still get so much out of it. I would love to come back next year for an in-person experience!”

From Anti-Racist Dance Applications: “The entire course was engaging, the facilitators skillfully alternated modes — lecture, moving, looking at video/articles, discussion and more.”

[My takeaway is] “the importance of showing up as your authentic self as a teacher, and making space for students to do the same, sharing assets, and the importance of understanding the bigger context of movement forms.”

When prompted to reflect on their experiences in our new, asynchronous courses, participants shared:

From Anti-Racist Dance Applications: “I appreciated that this course was spread out over several weeks — it gave time to digest all of the information and to deeply consider how I am applying what is learned in my practice.”

From Dance Making and Laban Movement Analysis: “I felt it was really helpful receiving peer feedback. That helped me connect more with students who were learning the same material as I was. It created a wonderful community.”

We read all your feedback and appreciate your honesty, constructive criticism, and enthusiasm for this work! Let’s keep learning together!!

Winter/Spring Courses may be over, but we’ve just announced our online Summer course lineup. Learn more!