DEL Collaboration with Empire State University

Students of 92NY DEL may be eligible for college level credit through Empire State University.  

Potential college level credit may satisfy New York State’s Department of Education teacher’s salary differentials, New York State Education Department dance content requirement for dance licensure, and serve as pre-requisites for college graduate dance admission.

Students interested in learning more can contact Erin Lally, DEL Director and/or Cynthia Bates at ([email protected]).  Please visit the university website at

DEL Founder, Jody Gottfried Arnhold, leading DEL students through a dance exploration
"The DEL programs have opened up a new set of pathways for my artistic and professional expression and I am grateful for their 'right-on' educational philosophy and commitment to dance and children and educators."
Jill Liflander
DEL Student
Banner Image Photo Credit: Danica Paulos