Tracing Footsteps Curriculum

Tracing Footsteps Curriculum

A Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) and New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) partnership, The Tracing Footsteps curriculum focuses on exploring embodied dance history through the examination of the rich dance contributions of distinct cultural groups who have been marginalized, ignored, and underrepresented in history and inhabited and continue to inhabit different areas of NYC throughout history.

The curriculum provides teachers with detailed units and lesson plans with embedded links to resources including numerous worksheets, assessments, and extension ideas for furthering the lessons. Each curricular unit is aligned with NYS Learning Standards, the DEL pedagogical framework, and the NYC Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in the Arts – Dance Learning Strands 1-4 (Dance Making, Developing Dance Literacy, Making Connections, and Working with Community and Cultural Resources).

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2022-23 Curriculum:
Journey into Jazz Dance: Let's Swing!
2021-22 Curriculum:
Salsa Stories and A Hip-Hop Experience
2020-21 Curriculum:
Native American Dance History in NYC, History of Tap, Into the Heart of China

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“The Dance Education Laboratory at 92nd Street Y is highlighting dance traditions in New York City, with a focus on “three groups of people who have been marginalized, ignored or completely decimated from American history books,” said Ann Biddle, a founder of the laboratory. Its modules will look at Native American dance and culture, the evolution of tap dance in New York and the work of the choreographer H.T. Chen, which explores Chinese-American history.

While teaching an inherently physical art form through a screen can be challenging, Erin Lally, the director of the Dance Education Laboratory, believes the impact of the programming will overcome that barrier.”

… The New York Times

The creation of the Tracing Footsteps Curriculum was made possible by the New York Community Trust and The Arnhold Foundation.
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