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I think that every child deserves an arts education, and I’d like to see that dance is first. Imagine what the culture would be if we raise generations of dance-literate children. We would encourage young people’s artistry and also their creativity and humanity.
Jody Gottfried Arnhold
DEL Founder

“Repeat After Her: There Is No Dance Without Dance Education

Jody Gottfried Arnhold has a mission (and the means) to cultivate dance education. To her, it is a basic human right — and vital to democracy.”

… The New York Times

"PS DANCE! The Next Generation” Documentary Reveals What Happens When Students Become Teachers.
Dance Teacher Magazine
Oct 2022
The aim of the Movement Sentence Choir: to make a dance about anything, to collaborate, to think creatively, to embody and interpret movement with a sense of agency and self-expression, to explore personal spaces and boundaries and to connect with others. The process is emphasized more than the product.
Dance Teacher Magazine
June 2019
Today, thanks in large part to Arnhold’s tireless work through DEL and the New York City Department of Education (DOE), more and more certified teachers are flowing into the school system fortified with the knowledge and practical skills to build stellar dance programs.
Dance Teacher Magazine
May 2010
DEL’s advanced coursework helps teachers meet federal and state mandates to integrate dance into the academic curriculum in a manner that does not compromise the essence of dance.
Dance Teacher Magazine
Feb 2000
Arnhold and her colleagues incorporated Laban into every aspect of the Dance Education Laboratory curriculum.
Dance Teacher Magazine
March 2007
DEL’s laboratory environment leads teachers through an interactive learning process that emphasizes both the artistry and practical skills needed to become an effective dance teacher.
Ann Biddle
The Dana Foundation - 2006
Arnhold wants to put a certified dance teacher in every public school, and she emphasizes that dance education must start when children are young in order for it to properly take root. It’s an ambitious goal, to be sure. But for Arnhold, the value is multidimensional—she sees it as fundamental not only to children’s development and learning but to the survival of the dance field as a whole.
Dance Teacher Magazine
May 2010