The DEL Model can be Adapted for Any School Program

The DEL Model can be Adapted for Any School Program

On September 30th, we’re hosting a Film Screening & Talkback to celebrate all that is made possible in dance education through the DEL model!


Join us for an in-person screening of our newest documentary film. PS DANCE! THE NEXT GENERATION shows that with determination and an open heart, the DEL model can be adapted for any school program, anywhere we can imagine. 

This film (our second in a series about dance education in school) follows high school & middle school students who have been trained as DEL facilitators by Ann Biddle (Director of The DEL Institute – Teacher Certificate Program). These student leaders bring DEL lesson plans to elementary school classrooms and prepare a dance concert for their families and peers. 

Endlessly customizable, the DEL model introduces students to a plethora of incredible life skills and brings joy to their lives. 

PS DANCE is awe inspiring! To see these children receive encouragement and confidence through meaningful storytelling through dance should be an integral part of all learning. As evidenced in this film, dance opens minds and creates leaders, and this is why it’s so vital to our education system.”

– Misty Copeland, American Ballet Theatre 


Please RSVP to join us for a screening and celebration!