Presenting at the National Dance Education Organization’s (NDEO) 2021 Virtual Conference

Presenting at the National Dance Education Organization’s (NDEO) 2021 Conference

Our Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) team was delighted to present at the NDEO Conference, meet other dance educators from across the country, and engage in dialogue around important topics and issues within the virtual dance education community.

This year, DEL Facilitators were proud to present a diverse and expansive lineup of workshops during NDEO’s annual conference, including:

👉 DEL PreK Create: A Professional Learning Series in Dance for Early Childhood⁠
👉 DEL Tracing Footsteps Panel: Honoring Diverse Voices Through Dance History in NYC (Remote Dance Curriculum)⁠
👉 DEL Tracing Footsteps Workshop
👉 DELving into Embodied Dance History⁠

Our sessions were well-attended, and we made nice connections with educators in our Virtual Booth. Some of our visitors had questions about The DEL Institute, our brand new year-long teacher certificate program. These will continue to inspire our Frequently Asked Questions videos on social media!

The conference offered an impressive collection of different workshops for dance educators, and we’re so thankful NDEO offers recordings of many of the sessions, so we can tune into the replay if we were unable to attend while we were presenting.

Erin Lally, Director of DEL at 92Y, was delighted to connect with colleagues from around the world in a special interest group for early childhood education, facilitated by Nancy Ng of Luna Dance Institute. It’s so helpful to hear what others are doing in their classrooms and share practical tools with other teachers. Erin is particularly interested in catching the recording of “Dismantling White-Centered Curriculum and Culture in Dance Learning” with DEL Facilitator Deborah Damast and Julie Kerr Berry.

Ann Biddle, Director of the DEL Institute, was thrilled to connect with fellow dance educators from across the country she had never met before inside the DEL Zoom room. She also attended a terrific presentation titled “Dance and Peacebuilding” by Mariah Steele.


We look forward to continuing to connect with dance educators across the nation and the globe as we accept additional applications for the first year of The DEL Institute Teacher Certificate program.

The DEL Institute will offer a hybrid learning environment which we carefully designed to provide extensive training in all aspects of the DEL Model. Our Certificate program is curated to provide personalized coaching and mentoring throughout the entire learning journey. Our incredibly talented and experienced faculty will offer asynchronous and synchronous courses in the DEL Teacher Certificate program, and you do not need to be based in NYC to participate.