Join us for DEL’s Dance for Early Childhood Course

Join us for DEL’s Dance for Early Childhood Course

Deborah Damast, MA, and guests are back this summer to help you infuse developmentally-minded curriculum and activities into your dance classroom.

So much of our most critical learning starts in early childhood, particularly in dance. Integrating deeper information about quality sequential dance education into your practice begins here at DEL, with our Dance for Early Childhood Summer Intensive Course

DEL’s Dance for Early Childhood, led by DEL facilitator Deborah Damast, MA, brings a dynamic and engaging curriculum that encourages learning through play, providing a stimulating, multi-sensory and nurturing community for diverse young learners to discover their innate movement capacity.

Participants will gain experience creating developmentally appropriate dance lessons and activities for children ages 3-7 years old, and leave feeling equipped to bring a deep understanding of the joy of dance to your youngest students.

Interactive and participatory, this course will cover the following topics: developmentally appropriate lessons and content for early childhood, developmental patterns and the sensory system, games and short activities, basics of early childhood dance lesson planning, LMA vocabulary as a springboard for dance learning and lesson plan organization, strategies for effective teaching, working with children with disabilities, teaching children online, using video prompts, and collaborative lesson planning with peers. 

Much like last summer, the 2022 DEL Dance for Early Childhood course will take place over Zoom in a synchronous model.

Before we go, we’re sharing a movement exploration, appropriate for children ages 3-7, created by DEL facilitator Deborah Damast inspired by Spring blooms! It might be familiar to you – this video was sent before last year’s Dance for Early Childhood course. So many of you enjoyed it, so we’re sending it again!! We are thrilled to have you and hope you can apply this short movement exploration in your classroom soon.


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DEL Dance for Early Childhood

Online class taught by Deborah Damast, MA, and guests

July 11-15, 2022

2 – 5pm EST