Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) is now on LinkedIn!

Find out how you can include DEL as part of your LinkedIn profile and share about your experience as a Facilitator or within The DEL Institute – Teacher Certificate Program.

We’ve officially launched a Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) “company” page on LinkedIn. We want to make it easy for you to link to DEL as part of your education or experience in your professional profile. Here’s how.

For Current and Past DEL Facilitators:

  1. Open your LinkedIn profile. Select “Add Position” under the “Experience” section.
  2. Input “DEL Facilitator” under “Title”
  3. Select the employment type that you determine is most appropriate (i.e. freelance, part-time, etc.)
  4. Start typing Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) in the drop-down & select the DEL page for “Company Name”
  5. Input your “Location”
  6. Input the date range that you currently or formerly facilitated with DEL
  7. Select “Education” as the “Industry”
  8. Under description, we recommend that you begin with the following sentence: Facilitated [TITLE OF COURSE] for dance educators using the DEL model. Please also add relevant information about the course experience and curriculum as you see fit.

For those of you in The DEL Institute – Teacher Certificate Program: 

  1. Open your LinkedIn profile. Under the “Education” section, add a new school. Type in “Dance Education Laboratory (DEL)” under “School” (you’ll need to type it in, there will not be an option for DEL in your drop-down menu).
  2. In the “Degree” category, input “The DEL Institute – Teacher Certificate Program
  3. Under “Field of Study,” select “Education” 
  4. Include start and end dates as they apply to your experience 
  5. Under “Description,” please include the following information from our Institute webpage: The DEL Institute – Teacher Certificate Program combines DEL’s diverse course offerings, individual coaching and peer cohort model with a customized practicum experience. Participants may choose from a wide variety of synchronous and asynchronous courses and workshops to fulfill all DEL Teacher Certificate requirements. 
  6. Under “Media,” click “Add Media” and choose “Add a Link” from the dropdown. Copy & paste this url: