The DEL Institute: Reflections from our Pilot Year

The DEL Institute: Reflections from our Pilot Year

Director of The DEL Institute, Ann Biddle, shares reflections from pilot year participants in DEL’s year-long Teacher Certificate Program.

We are seven months into our first year of The DEL Institute – Teacher Certificate Program, and I am very pleased to share that the members of our cohort are gaining so much from the experience.

Participants have access to extensive training in all aspects of the DEL Model, and the structure of the program also offers personalized, one-on-one coaching and mentorship from experts in the field, and access to a dedicated and passionate community of dance educators from across the country and the world.

I asked a few members of our first year cohort to share what they’ve enjoyed about the experience so far. The vibrant community is something that stands out for sure. I’ll let them tell you!! 

“When I applied for The DEL Institute, I was really hoping to build my community — to broaden my network of dance educators around the country. Since joining DEL, it has provided an array of opportunities to engage with others in the field. What I love most is that it’s relevant to all educators no matter your entry point.” – Valerie Branch

“I always wanted to participate in DEL workshops, however, as I am living in Trinidad, it was always difficult for me to come up to New York for weekend sessions on a consistent basis. The fact that [The DEL Institute] was online, and it was year long, was what I needed the most. I would recommend this program to all dance educators, because it gives you the opportunity to share dance experiences with other dance educators, receive a wealth of knowledge about the DEL model from the qualified, experienced and kind faculty, and also provide guidance and support on your journey to improving your teaching strategies and methods.” – Sharlene George Calliste 

“When I first applied to the DEL Institute, I was really considering ways I could connect to a community. When Covid hit, that was dramatic for all of us, but that combined with being in a rural institution and moving to a state I knew very little about, this really helped me to find a community of individuals who were working towards a common goal of dance education for all.” – Danielle Lydia Sheather

Another one of our cohort members told me: “This is a community that nourishes and loves dance!” It’s true!! 

Of course, every pilot year comes with some lessons learned. I am grateful for the honest feedback I have received from our pilot cohort and have revised and streamlined the DEL Institute for year 2! Stay tuned for our announcement!

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