Embed dance making into your lesson plans

Embed dance making into your lesson plans

Generate an extensive movement vocabulary for student-centered choreography.

Join us this February for our upcoming course: DEL Dance Making! This asynchronous course spans six weeks and guides you through six modules on dance making as a key component of the DEL Model. 

A sneak peek into the DEL Dance Making course, designed by Catherine Gallant

One module in this course is all about “Dance and Poetry.”

Working with poetry and other texts connect language learning through kinesthetic understanding of imagery, metaphor, rhythm and sound. Poetry can provide a catalyst for dance making and allows students a way to share work from the classroom to the dance studio. Students can identify action words and ideas within a text and brainstorm possible related words to use in their dance making. They’re encouraged to expand their vocabulary by searching for new actions and descriptive language. 

In this module, DEL course participants will receive access to lesson plans and example units to find inspiration for dance making in poems by Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. 

Slide created by Catherine Gallant

Educators are asked to make and upload their own dances inspired by poetry for feedback and reflections from their peers.

The goal of DEL Dance Making is to guide dance educators to encourage students to create material in an authentic, expansive, and self-directed way through collaborative decision-making that allows students to deeply engage in the creative process and gain empowered ownership of their artistry.

The bonus is that educators can reconnect to their love of dance and dance making in the process!

Register for DEL Dance Making by February 14! The course is asynchronous, online, and runs from February 19 – March 31. 

“I really enjoyed creating dances in a way that was applicable to my students. It gave me a chance to be a student and remember how to create for my love of dance rather than just to make lessons for my school.”

– Former DEL Dance Making Participant