Dance is Therapeutic: Learning with Diane Duggan

Dance is Therapeutic: Learning with Dr. Diane Duggan

“It’s not the lesson plan that counts, it’s the children.”
– Dr. Diane Duggan

Dr. Diane Duggan has an extensive and accomplished career in dance education.

From 1973 to 2013, she created and taught therapeutic dance programs for students with multiple disabilities, autism, intellectual and learning disabilities, and emotional and behavioral disorders.

We are so fortunate that year after year, she facilitates our DEL Dance for Students with Disabilities course.

She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to dance/movement therapy, and the inherent power of dance to engage the strengths and meet the needs of students with disabilities.

Hear from Dr. Duggan directly in this overview video created for DEL by Nel Shelby Productions!

“When [a child] first tries something new, it’s like, ‘Oh, I don’t know about this.’ You do it because you believe in your teacher.”

-Dr. Diane Duggan

Duggan has been encouraging dance educators to use the skills, knowledge, and tools they already have to help children grow and flourish in classrooms for years. Don’t miss out on this upcoming opportunity to learn from her in DEL Dance for Students with Disabilities, February 19 – February 21 at 92NY. Enroll by Wednesday, February 14!

“It’s not just a matter of differentiation, of kind of changing things so that youngsters with disabilities can be included. It’s that dance is therapeutic.”

– Dr. Diane Duggan

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