Dance Educators: Your job is so important!

Dance Educators: Your job is so important!

by Lauren Alifano

The DEL Fundamentals course included so many helpful tools and resources, and as a newer teacher, I found this class to be extremely beneficial. Although the class is only three days long, Ann Biddle is able to cover so much information, and she delivers it in a clear and concise manner. The DEL Fundamentals course is a “must-take” for all dance teachers and educators!

I am currently the dance teacher at a middle school in the Bronx, New York. When I first began teaching, I was so lost and overwhelmed and I did not know where to begin. Over the course of my three years teaching, I found my way and found what works for me and my students, but, the DEL Fundamentals course has inspired me and reminded me just how important dance is for EVERY child! Dance touches every domain of a person; it is a form of physical activity and a way for students to express themselves and their feelings. It incorporates the body, mind, and soul!

My background in dance is technique-based, and the dance program at my school has a strong emphasis on technique and performance. Of course I will continue to teach different dance techniques, but I now feel confident including more lessons on Laban Movement Analysis and guided explorations. One of the highlights from the course was the exploration of the LMA chart; Body, Effort, Space, and Relationship. Using guided explorations to discover movement was so helpful to me as a dancer and as a teacher. These LMA elements are just as important as their Ballet and Modern vocabulary, if not more so.  I know that my students will thrive when given the opportunity to explore and express their creativity. This course has changed the way I look at unit/lesson planning.

Every dance teacher should take this course – it will remind you that your job is so important to your students. Continue to create and inspire your students, and always teach from a place of love. Dance for every child!