Hamilton Inspired DEL Fundamentals Reflection

Hamilton Inspired DEL Fundamentals Reflection

by Josette D’Ambrosi Slivinski

On day one
The course had begun
Traveling into the world of Rudolf Laban

Learning notation, a language of dance
How to make movement juicy when given the chance

Focusing on body, or the what
It was time to show Ann what we got

DEL FUNdamentals, DEL FUNdamentals

On the second day
Our dance making activitaaay Included effort, or the how, they say

We visited fastland, we visited slowland,So show me, what speed you goin’ man?

DEL FUNdamentals DEL FUNdamentals

Then came day three We went under the sea, With Ann B,
All virtually

Acting like creatures from the deep,
Dancing so amazing it would make you weep

Now with the basics of LMAWe said “Hey!”
To Shakia J.

Taking us through the ABCs Of H-I-P H-O-P

With our knowledge of LMA analysis
We put together dances that were really hip

Poppin’ Lockin’ Hip hip hoppin’ Top rockin’ All non-stoppin’

Using body, effort, space and relationship,I’ll tell you our dances really were the s*&%!

DEL FUNdamentals (Go Ann)
DEL FUNdamentals (2020)
DEL FUNdamentals (zoom baby zoom) DEL FUNdamentals!