Tracing Footsteps
2020-21 Curriculum

DEL Tracing Footsteps 2020-21 Curriculum

The Tracing Footsteps 2020-21 Curriculum includes three curricular modules: Native American Dance History in NYC: Roots to Branches; History of Tap Dance: Soul Rhythms; and Into the Heart of Chinatown: Hidden Voices. 


Module 1: Native American Dance History in NYC: Roots to Branches focuses on the complex history of Native American nations in NYC from the Lenape Nation, the original inhabitants of NYC, to contemporary Native Nations who inhabit NYC today through the lens of dance history and dance forms and styles.

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Module 2: History of Tap Dance: Soul Rhythms focuses on the complex history of tap dance as a distinctly African American art form rooted in diasporic traditions. The curriculum focuses

on honoring the contributions of tap legends from the late 19th and early 20th centuries who have inspired generations of tap dance artists today.

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Module 3: Into the Heart of Chinatown: Hidden Voices focuses on the often hidden and misrepresented early history of Chinese Americans using dance and literacy to increase awareness and understanding of the Asian American experience. The curriculum is centered around the dance works of Chinese American choreographer H.T. Chen whose pieces shed light on untold stories of early Chinese immigrants in this country –stories that can help our students develop new cultural awareness and sensitivity –all through the universal and transformational language of dance. 

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“Through modeled lessons, I was granted the opportunity to explore and experience dance in its full context, discussing the historic social, political, and economic conditions under which dance styles have evolved.”
DEL Student