DEL Institute students share what they learned in DEL Dance Making

DEL Institute students share what they created in DEL Dance Making

We’re excited to share with you some of what our DEL Institute cohort members created in DEL Dance Making!

DEL Dance Making, a six-module asynchronous course spanning 6-weeks, delves into Dance Making as a key component of the DEL Model, exploring:

  • embedding dance-making experiences into lesson and unit plans
  • applying the LMA framework of Body, Effort, Space, and Relationship
  • generating an extensive movement vocabulary for student-centered choreography

The DEL Institute 2023-24 cohort engaged in the DEL Dance Making course as a part of their extensive training in all aspects of the DEL Model. We’re excited to share some of their work with you.

Students created themed dances using the DEL DanceMaker AppThe app’s main feature is a Movement Sentence tool for planning and running dance lessons.

This is an activity that can be directly implemented with students in their classrooms! 

Anri, Rachel, and Noel came up with really interesting and dynamic themes. Check out their work:

Anri Green: Earth

Swerve, Nuzzle, Tilt, Orbit

Rachel Accetta: Basketball

Travel, Swoop, Jump, Throw

Noel Staples-Freeman: Neighborhoods

Greet, Walk, Wave, Pass

Music by Jamemurrell Stanley: Sketches of Africa.


We are so proud of our DEL Institute cohort members, and we love getting to share their work with our community!

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