What the DEL Institute Cohort Learned in DEL Dance Making

What the DEL Institute Cohort Learned in DEL Dance Making

We’re excited to share with you some of what our DEL Institute cohort members learned in DEL Dance Making with Catherine Gallant this past winter!


In DEL Dance Making, participants learned how to embed dance-making experiences into their lesson and unit plans, apply the LMA framework (Body, Effort, Space & Relationship), and generate an extensive movement vocabulary for student-centered choreography.

DEL Institute Cohort members shared:

“Anything can be dance. Using applied LMA definitely provides a skeleton for the students to begin the dance-making process.”

“I really enjoyed creating dances in a way that was applicable to my students. It gave me a chance to be a student and remember how to create for my love of dance rather than just to make lessons for my school.”

“I have concrete and simple tools as a starting point for developing or making dances. I can use these both for my own dance making and/or for leading classes. I also think that I can continue to grasp how applied LMA is used and become more fluent in it if I continue to view dance (or clips) and simply analyze them using the LMA framework as we did for this course.”

Dance making is a key component of the DEL Model. And just like our DEL Institute participants, we see many of you out there using the DEL Model to inspire and engage your dance students everyday. If you know someone who deserves recognition (and additional resources!) for their work in the dance education space, please nominate them before April 17 to become a DEL Lab School!