Getting to know the 2023 DEL Institute cohort

Getting to know the 2023 DEL Institute cohort

We’re so excited about our current DEL Institute cohort of dance educators’ goals and the  innovative ways they are applying the DEL Model.

Our 2023 DEL Institute program is under way, and we’re so excited to be working with this cohort of dance educators! Ann Biddle, Director of The DEL Institute – Teacher Certificate Program, shares highlights from this new cohort.

Q: What have you learned about the teaching environments of this year’s cohort?

This year’s DEL Institute cohort represents every region in the United States, and we have participants from China and Switzerland as well! Our participants teach dance in a wide range of contexts including K-12 public schools, private studios, higher education, community outreach programs, and cultural organizations. 

The beauty of the DEL Model is that our students can apply their learning in the DEL Institute to their unique teaching environments and student populations. It has been wonderful to see the myriad ways in which our DEL Institute cohort is innovating and expanding their teaching repertoires.

Q: What have you learned about the goals of this cohort?

Members of our DEL Institute cohort have varying personal and professional goals. Some participants are interested in gaining more pedagogy skills to improve their teaching; some want more in-depth training in the DEL Model and plan to bring it into curriculum planning or professional learning facilitation; some students want to gain more creative ways to engage students in dance-making and collaborative learning; and some members want to gain skills to work with diverse student populations in age-appropriate and meaningful ways.

It’s so beautiful to see how vast the DEL Model is, is and to witness the many different applications.

Q: What are you most excited about that this cohort is hoping to accomplish?

This is our second DEL Institute cohort, and based on their commitment and creativity and the incredible outcomes of our Pilot Year participants, I am confident they will succeed in reaching new heights in terms of career advancement and professional growth. Several of our DEL Institute graduates have moved on to high-level positions in administration, higher education, research, and teacher training, and have secured new jobs as dance educators in K-12 or afterschool programs. We are so proud!

The DEL Institute is committed to providing individual coaching and support to our cohort members so they can thrive in their professional practice and increase their ability to advance in their careers. 

Learn more about The DEL Institute, application process, and join the interest list for next year here!