First Day of DEL Foundations

Georgia is a DEL student enrolled in DEL Foundations, the first recommended course for all new DEL students. Below is her reflection on the first day of class. It is so wonderful to see that DEL students are using the material they are given in class, the next day in the classroom. That is one of the many perks of being a DEL student – the material is transferable to the classroom the very next day!

The first class at DEL was amazing! We did a get to know you name routine.  We first had to choose a movement that we associated with our name. We then formed a circle and each person went around the room stating his or her name, while doing the movement. Afterwards we went around the room and we all had to say the name of each person while we did his or her movement. The most enjoyable part was when music was added and suddenly we had choreography!!! I loved this routine because each person was involved, it was simple, and it united us as a class. 

The following day I incorporated a similar activity in my Living Environment class.  We were studying biomes and I had the students form groups of four.  I assigned a biome to them and they had to create a dance/drama to depict their biome. I also gave them a time frame and a music sample to work with.  At the end, we formed a circle and each group performed, one after the other to one musical piece.  It was wonderful and the students really enjoyed themselves as they learned.

Thank you DEL and I am looking forward to more great ideas for my students.