Michael Anthony Kerr

Michael Anthony Kerr, Artistic Director of DanceKerr & Dancers (DanceKerr.com) is a DEL Facilitator/Ambassador who has recently retired into the next phase of his dance artist/educator career after a stellar twenty-five year career teaching dance for the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE). Throughout his tenure, he also served as a facilitator for numerous city-wide professional development workshops, curriculum writer and as a contributing writer on the NYCDOE Blueprint for Teaching and Learning in Dance PreK-12. Mr. Kerr holds permanent NYS K-12 Teacher Certification in Dance and is pursuing doctoral studies as an Arnhold Fellow Recipient in the Ed. D Dance Education Program at Columbia University, Teachers College. His work as a dance teacher has been featured in the NY Emmy Award nominated documentary PS Dance, on News 12 Brooklyn, in NY Teacher-UFT newspaper, in Dance Teacher Magazine (June 2017) and most recently in Don Rauf’s book Exploring Theater: Choreography and Dance in Theater. He has also served as Chair of UFT/NYC Dance Educators, as a cooperating teacher for Columbia University Teachers College and New York University, served on the faculty of the Dance Education Laboratory (DEL), the Dance Department at Mason Gross School of the Arts and Graduate School of Education at Rutgers. He has conducted workshops, served as a panel speaker, a teaching artist, curriculum writer, guest lecturer and on the teaching faculty for such venues as the Nation Dance Education Organization, New York State Dance Education Association, Tennessee Dance Education, Dance Teacher Magazine’s Annual NYC Teacher Conference, American Dance Guild, NYU, CW Post LIU, The Dalton School, Nimbus Dance Works, NJAHPERD, Accademia Dance Center in Siena, Italy, Young Dancers In Repertory and Dance On Camera Film Festival at Lincoln Center.  In 2015 Mr. Kerr was awarded the Diana Domoracki-Kisto Dance Educator Award by the New York State Dance Education Association. Throughout his dance teaching career in the private and public sector, Mr. Kerr has performed for a variety of choreographers and dance companies in the United States and Europe including Maher Benham’s Coyote Dancers, Deborah Damast, Gemini Dance Theater, Floorplay Contemporary Dance Theater, Amy Kail, Dance Consort: Mezzacappa-Gabrian and Deanna Losi while teaching dance throughout the Tuscan region of Italy for several years.