Charlotte Cwikowski

Charlotte Cwikowski began her teaching journey nine years ago as a Creative Movement and Theater teacher at a public elementary school in East Harlem. Here, she worked with children ages 3 to 11, making dances through improvisation and creative DEL based movement sentence explorations. She herself did the DEL summer institute, along with countless DEL workshops, trainings, and Movement Sentence Choirs. Through DEL, Charlotte got the idea for her book, Stillness, Why Won’t You Move? – a creative movement book for kids that teaches some of the Language of Dance notation symbols through movement explorations. Since then, Charlotte has been a lead classroom teacher, both in the city and out in Westchester, where she always worked to find ways to weave in movement and play into the classroom setting. She worked for two years as a homeschool teacher for Autistic siblings, and movement played a key role in their self regulation and focus. Charlotte is a certified yoga instructor and is now focusing on teaching yoga to both children and adults in a multitude of settings. Charlotte is and always will be a child at heart.