Baudilio “Lío” Rivera

Baudilio Rivera is a professional performer, choreographer, educator and entrepreneur. Well-versed in the versatile areas of Latin rhythms as well as Hip Hop and Latin Jazz. He is based from the world’s entertainment capital, New York City! He has been defined by others as an inspirational instructor, speaker and a transcendental performer.

His positive impact has acclimated this young artist in working with many youth organizations such as, “The Bronx Arts Ensemble”, “The House of Dance”, and the “GEAR UP program of ST. John’s University” allowing him the ability to meticulously create a curriculum dedicated to instilling values, learning many of the diversities of the performing arts and most of all building leadership development among his students, overcoming all adversities through sheer discipline and dedication, and commitment.

As the Co-Director of Peak Latin Dance in New Jersey, Baudilio has vowed to take his passion for music and dance, and develop people of all ages into dancers who either dance as a hobby or soon to be professional. Catch Baudilio as a principal dancer in the new Warner Bros. production “In the Heights”.