Embrace Your Approach to Dance Curriculum Planning

Embrace An Approach to Dance Curriculum Planning That Works Best For You

Explore different pathways to approach curriculum design and discover which approach works best for you in DEL’s upcoming, online, asynchronous course.

In an introduction video for Inspiration to Design: Dance Lesson & Curriculum Planning, Ann Biddle, Director of The DEL Institute – Teacher Certificate Program, shares what participants can expect from the course, a story from DEL’s history, and her personal experience with writing dance lessons and curriculum.

Here’s a sneak peek into the course:


Ann believes that curriculum design is a journey. She encourages participants to bring their previous dance and dance education experience, personal values, and identity into this design journey so that their curriculum is a reflection of their full selves.  

Over her career, Ann has written individual dance lessons, dance units, year-long dance curriculum, and multi-year, multi-grade-level dance curriculum. Participants will get access to various dance curricula as resources throughout the course, written by Ann and by colleagues at DEL. In module 5 of the course, participants will have the opportunity to learn from Catherine Gallant, DEL Facilitator and veteran dance educator. 

Ann compares the curriculum design process to putting together the pieces of a puzzle: 

“We start with the edges, find little parts in the middle, then fill in the gaps, and soon the patterns become clear. At the end, we place the final piece and the full picture is revealed. […] It’s not a linear process, but no matter how you get to the end, you will end up with a beautiful complete picture.”

Participants will walk away having designed a ready-to-implement, six-lesson dance unit for any age or grade level.

Enroll by Wednesday, August 23, 2023!