Two Educators on How DEL FIT Changed Their Careers

Two Educators on How DEL FIT Changed Their Careers

Tina Christina-Price and M.K. Victorson share their experiences from DEL Facilitators in Training (FIT) and how the course supported their career transitions.

Tina Christina-Price and M.K. Victorson are familiar faces here at DEL, as graduates of both the DEL Institute – Teacher Certificate Program and DEL FIT.

As we accept new applications for our upcoming DEL FIT course, we asked Tina and M.K. to share their stories from the program.

Tina arrived at her first DEL workshop at a pivotal moment in her career.

She had just transitioned from a professional ballet career to teaching in public schools. 

“The very first DEL workshop I took just made me thirsty for another. Learning from all of the mentors and facilitators of the DEL Institute – Teacher Certificate Program inspired me to follow in their footsteps.”

Tina enrolled in DEL FIT because she wanted to emulate the DEL facilitators that inspired her so much. 

“I wanted to learn: ‘How did my DEL facilitators teach me? What did they do to make things so juicy and so exciting? The DEL journey is an amazing one. I loved it, and you will, too.”

Hear more from Tina in the video above!

For M.K., DEL FIT supported an important career shift from elementary school teacher to dance specialist in her district.

M.K. is now the Dance Content Specialist with the Department of Arts Education for Chicago Public Schools.

“I knew that I needed to develop my skills so that I could create and facilitate meaningful professional learning for educators at all stages of their career, particularly arts educators.

And I also knew that it was important to me in all of my sessions to continue to advocate for the growth of dance education in my district. DEL FIT, with its focus on embodied learning, really allowed me to explore that.”

M.K. recommends DEL FIT to any dance educators who wish to grow their teaching and leadership practices.

“In DEL FIT, you will develop and reflect on your skills as a facilitator, and you’ll be practicing practical strategies for facilitation. You’ll be thinking about everything from organization, to timing, to leading discussion, to teaching in the virtual space versus the in-person space, and you will do it all through the embodied movement-based activities that we do at DEL.”

We are so proud of Tina and M.K.! Their DEL journeys are so inspiring!

Prerequisite: Applicants must have taken DEL Foundations, DEL Fundamentals, or DEL Essentials.