DEL’s nationally acclaimed dance education training program offers carefully curated certification pathways led by DEL’s faculty of top experts in the field of dance and dance education, and provides a supportive and community-focused experience to meet the needs of all learners. DEL’s diverse course offerings, unique peer cohort and coaching/mentoring model, as well as a customized practicum experience at a DEL Lab School, provides participants with a personalized certification experience to meet their distinct professional needs. 

DEL certification allows students to receive up to 34 undergraduate credit hours as an entryway for a master’s degree program or for those who desire 30+ credit hours for salary differentials. 

DEL provides a clear pathway for teachers interested in obtaining their initial NY State dance teacher certification. 

DEL’s CERT Institute offers two pathways for certification:

  • Synchronous (via zoom or in person)


  • Asynchronous 


  1. Access to a wide range of synchronous and asynchronous DEL courses/workshops/events taught by dance education experts in the field.
  2. Access to high-quality curricular materials such as lesson plans, dance units, and extensive resources for the dance classroom (charts, task sheets, etc.)
  3. Customized CERT pathway to meet the needs of practitioners in the field of dance education.
  4. One-on-one sessions with a DEL Coach/Mentor who will guide student through the entirety of the certification program and provide additional support and expertise.
  5. Peer co-mentoring feedback/cohort engagement during the entirety of the DEL CERT experience.
  6. Customized DEL Practicum & supervision (synchronous via zoom or in person) at a DEL Lab School.
  7. Free access to numerous DEL events and celebrations (MSC, NDEO?, Panels, webinars)
  8. Free access to DE’s extensive Resource Library of dance teaching materials and high quality DEL based curricula.


  1. Access to monthly (OR quarterly) DEL Newsletter with lesson plans, curricular ideas, webinars around specialised topics
  2. Ongoing professional learning support/membership and discounts to future DEL workshops, courses and webinars.
  3. Opportunity to establish one’s school or studio as a DEL Lab School which provides 


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