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Sep 23 - Oct 7, 2021

DEL LATINX SERIES Volume 1: Salsa Stories: Entering into the Clave

Date: Sep 23 - Oct 7, 2021
Time: 7-9pm EDT
Pricing: $145

Clara Bello, MA and guests: Baudilio “Lío” Rivera, Yesenia F. Selier, Dr. Derrick León Washington, PhD

This course takes place on three consecutive Thursdays: Sept 23, 30 and Oct 7

“Y canto a la vida
De risas y penas
De momentos malos
Y de cosas buenas”
…Hector Lavoe “El Cantante”

Known as “The Voice of Salsa,” Hector Lavoe’s lyrics describe the ability of Salsa to encompass multiple facets of life with stories that “sing to life, of laughter and sorrows, of moments that are bad, and things that are good.” Collaborating with dynamic guest artists, this workshop aims to present a global understanding of the cultural and societal phenomenon of Salsa. Each day of the workshop presents a unique perspective on Salsa through movement experiences, discussions, and creative explorations. No matter the place: the streets, a stage, the screen, a salon… Salsa speaks. This workshop explores the personal, communal, and societal stories told by and through salsa.

From learning about the roots of Salsa to seeing the dance form as an act of resistance, participants will:

Explore the cultural and historical roots of Salsa.
Embody styles of Salsa from different locations around the world.
Unearth common misconceptions and stereotypes related to the dance form.
Examine how personal, communal and societal struggles are presented and resisted through Salsa.
Deepen understandings of how diverse communities connect to Salsa through the clave (the pulse), relationships and storytelling.

REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE IS THROUGH THE 92nd STREET Y. You will be redirected to their site to enroll. 

Oct 23 & 24, 2021

Dorrance Dance: Developing Fundamentals of Music and Movement through Body Percussion

Date: Oct 23 & 24, 2021
Time: 2-5pm EDT
Pricing: $145

Ann Biddle, MA and guest: Nicholas Van Young, of Dorrance Dance

Our goal is to engage with audiences on a musical and emotional level, and to share the complex history and powerful legacy of this American art form throughout the country and the world. Rooted in protest and transcendence, improvisation and innovation were paramount to its survival and are innately embedded in its very foundation. We strive to honor this legacy.

…Michelle Dorrance, Dorrance Dance Artistic Director

Join DEL Founding Faculty, Ann Biddle and Nicholas Van Young, Associate Artistic Director, of the award winning Dorrance Dance tap company, in this interactive online course focused on sharing components of the newly created Dorrance Dance Body Percussion curriculum (4th & 5th grade) written by Nicholas Van Young in partnership with DEL. 

Within this online course, participants will have opportunities to engage in multi-modal learning, rhythmic exploration and improvisation, collaborative movement and music making, and critical inquiry related to gaining a deeper understanding of the diasporic roots of tap dance as a universal language combining rhythm and dance.

In this interactive and hands-on workshop, participants will gain a basic understanding of the fundamentals of music and movement through body percussion and learn a series of body percussion rudiments that will be used to build both linear and polyrhythmic patterns and phrases. Students will learn how to create grooves, explore improvisation within song forms, and explore a collection of passport patterns representing distinct rhythmic patterns from around the globe. In addition, participants will collaborate in small groups to create original compositions which include improvisation and accompaniment (scatting). 

REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE IS THROUGH THE 92nd STREET Y. You will be redirected to their site to enroll. 

Nov 2 - 16, 2021

DEL Dance Film: Next Take

Date: Nov 2 - 16, 2021
Time: 7-9pm EDT
Pricing: $145

Andrew Chapman, and guests: Shayla Benoit, Donald C. Shorter

This course takes place on three consecutive Tuesdays: Nov 2, 9, and 16

After a year of quick pivoting from stage to screen, we ask: how can we keep the momentum for Dance Filmmaking in our classrooms?

Zoom in to DEL Dance Film: Next Take! In this 6 hour course, facilitator Andrew Chapman, along with guests – filmmaker Donald C. Shorter and dance film editor Shayla Benoit – will take a deep dive into the compositional structures which make Dance Film an artmaking experience that is here to stay! Participants will learn how to integrate choreographic methods with filmmaking essentials such as story-boarding, subject / camera relationships, and editing.

From rolling to cut, participants will leave this course with the specifics of the Dance Filmmaking process. 

REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE IS THROUGH THE 92nd STREET Y. You will be redirected to their site to enroll. 

Nov 6, 2021

DEL Dance and Ableism: Breaking Through Barriers

Date: Nov 6, 2021
Time: 12-6pm EDT
Pricing: $145

Deborah Damast, MA, Ruby Frink, MA, and guests: Sidiki Conde, Naomi Goldberg Hass, Kitty Lunn

This one-day workshop on Dance and Ableism is designed to give dancers and dance educators the tools to create accessible and inclusive dance classes. Distinguished guest teachers will lead various dance explorations and discussions to develop your movement vocabulary, pedagogy, and critical thinking skills. Each participant will take away best practices for their classrooms and strategies to build advocacy for all bodies. 

REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE IS THROUGH THE 92nd STREET Y. You will be redirected to their site to enroll. 

Jan 22 & 29, 2022

DEL Dance & Civics

Date: Jan 22 & 29, 2022
Time: 2-5pm EDT
Pricing: $145

Ann Biddle

In this experiential movement-based workshop, participants will examine the intersection between content, artistry, and pedagogy from the perspective of the DEL model of dance education and explore instructional practices that support civic engagement and social justice awareness in the dance classroom through collaborative dance making practices.

This workshop will focus on addressing the civic engagement gap in the dance classroom through exploring inclusive, empathetic, and collaborative learning practices that support the development of participatory democracy, consensus building, and equity of voice.

Some of the guiding questions we will examine in this course are: What does civics engagement look like in the dance classroom? How can we build authentic democratic processes into dance learning? How can we engage students in democratic discourse in creative, multivarious and differentiated ways?

The design of this workshop has been informed by multiple scholars in the field of educational leadership, including Meira Levinson (2012), Kirshner & Jefferson (2015), Charles Haynes (2009) and Nyama McCarthy-Brown (2017). In addition, this integrated dance and social studies workshop is informed by the NYC Blueprint for Learning in Dance, New York State standards, and the Massachusetts social studies standards in civics, and draws links to NCCAS dance standards in choreographic processes and interdisciplinary connections.

REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE IS THROUGH THE 92nd STREET Y. You will be redirected to their site to enroll. 

Feb 3rd, 10th, and 17th, 2022

DEL Anti-Racist Dance Applications

Date: Feb 3rd, 10th, and 17th, 2022
Time: 7-9pm EDT
Pricing: $145

Frederick Curry and guests

This course takes place on three consecutive Thursdays: Feb 3, 10, and 17

In this virtual and embodied workshop, participants will explore the cultural assets of minoritized student populations inclusive of their language and movement, and frame how best to draw from them in culturally relevant ways.

Practical strategies for recognizing and centering students’ cultural assets including language and movement will be provided through exemplars and discussion-based analysis. Teachers will be guided to establish shared language and understanding around core terminology related to their own intersectional identities, biases (implicit and explicit), and methods to support all students in anti-racist education in recognition that, for dance educators, both reflection and action are integral to anti-racist dance education.

REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE IS THROUGH THE 92nd STREET Y. You will be redirected to their site to enroll. 

Feb 13 - Mar 4, 2022

Dance Making and LMA

Date: Feb 13 - Mar 4, 2022
Time: Asynchronous via DEL’s LearnDash
Pricing: $145
Location: Asynchronous Online

Catherine Gallant, MA

In this six-module asynchronous course, participants delve into Dance Making as a key component of the DEL model.

Participants will learn how to embed dance-making experiences into their lesson and unit plans, and understand how to apply the LMA framework of Body, Effort, Space, and Relationship in order to generate an extensive movement vocabulary for student-centered choreography. Different entry points for dance making for diverse student populations will be explored, offering dancers unlimited possibilities for creating innovative dances for themselves, their students, and the community.

The goal of Dance Making and LMA is to guide dance educators to encourage students to create material in an authentic, expansive, and self-directed way through collaborative decision-making that allows students to deeply engage in the creative process and gain empowered ownership of their artistry.

Must register by Saturday, February 12, 2022.

Feb 19 - 22, 2022

DEL Dance for Students with Disabilities

Date: Feb 19 - 22, 2022
Time: 1-5pm EDT
Pricing: $375
Location: Online

Diane Duggan, Dionisia Rigby assists

The course will integrate dance / movement therapy theory with concepts of development and best practices in dance education to teach participants how to create dance activities that engage the strengths and meet the needs of children and adolescents who have emotional, behavioral, learning, sensory, and / or physical challenges.

Participants will learn group and individual strategies to promote positive behavior and will be guided in applying these strategies in their own dance / movement therapy or dance education settings. Class sessions will include lecture, discussion, movement experiences, small group work, and audio-visual media. Participants will have assigned readings and those who take the course for college or alternate route dance/movement therapy training will have additional required assignments.

REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE IS THROUGH THE 92nd STREET Y. You will be redirected to their site to enroll. 

Mar 3 & 10, 2022

DEL Making Dance: Baye & Asa

Date: Mar 3 & 10, 2022
Time: 6-9pm EDT
Pricing: $145
Location: Online

Randi Sloan, Felice Santorelli

Facilitators Felice Santorelli, EdM, BFA, Randi Sloan, MA, and artists, Amadi ‘Baye’ Washington & Sam ‘Asa’ Pratt
The work of Baye and Asa will inspire your teaching and activate your creativity and social activism through their technique that is rooted in African and Hip-Hop dance languages.

Investigate the dance-making process of these artists in an embodied, interactive workshop with DEL facilitators Randi Sloan and Felice Santorelli. Experience physical experimentation and explore collaborative strategies and choreographic tools through the lens of applied LMA to make meaningful dances with your students or for yourself. This workshop will offer strategies for engaging both in person and virtual students in dance technique, dance making and performance.

REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE IS THROUGH THE 92nd STREET Y. You will be redirected to their site to enroll.

Apr 2 & 3, 2022

The Beautiful Earth: Environmental Justice through Dance

Date: Apr 2 & 3, 2022
Time: 2-5pm EDT
Pricing: $145
Location: Online

Megan Minturn, MA, and John-Mario Sevilla, MA, MFA

This class will meet on synchronously on Zoom session (completely virtual)

The devastating effects of climate change are increasingly evident in our local and global communities; they are the crises of our time and for future generations.  We can perceive the effects of global warming with our senses, aesthetically and affectively.  What are ways that dance educators and learners can expand perceptions, ultimately affecting behaviours in response to environmental injustices?  This workshop incorporates lenses of indigenous dance practices, hula and Native American dances, that honor interconnectedness, as well as participants’ personal experiences, stories, and movement practices. Through these ancient dances, we attune you (the inquisitive dance teacher and learner) to your community, space and environment, our beautiful world.

We will explore, experience, appreciate, and advocate for Earth as part of our dynamic, living, and sacred embodied-selves. We will be inspired by these indigenous cultural perspectives and values as models to reflect, move, and expand our kinesthetic research and practices in dialogue and dance-making. Participants will leave with tools and techniques to encourage students to initiate constructive actions toward addressing environmental justice in their communities.  In this course, participants will enhance their advocacy for earth justice through dance and climate activism. We will develop models and pathways to honor and care for the Earth, and therefore, empathically, for ourselves and one another.

REGISTRATION FOR THIS COURSE IS THROUGH THE 92nd STREET Y. You will be redirected to their site to enroll. 

Apr 9, 2022

Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) DEL’s Discovering The Green Table: A Paul Taylor Dance Company Collaboration

Date: Apr 9, 2022
Time: 2-4PM EDT
Pricing: $45
Location: Online Synchronous

Megan Minturn, MA with guests from PTDC

Inspired by the iconic work, The Green Table, choreographed by Kurt Jooss in 1932, this workshop will focus on re-imagining this archetypal anti-war masterpiece through the DEL model of dance education.

DEL’s collaboration with Paul Taylor Dance Company, who will perform Jooss’s The Green Table at 92Y this spring, provides a unique opportunity for audiences to re-engage with this timeless and relevant work in a contemporary context.

The Discovering the Green Table workshop is designed as an interactive, virtual workshop and will actively engage participants in the key themes and characters of Jooss’ The Green Table, through movement exploration, dance analysis, group discussion, and collaborative dance-making inspired by themes of peace and war.

*Workshop participants receive a complimentary live-streamed ticket, to see Paul Taylor Dance Company’s performance of The Green Table at 92Y on Wednesday, April 6. Viewing access is from April 6-9.

Apr 18 - May 29, 2022

Culturally Responsive Pedagogy in Dance Education

Date: Apr 18 - May 29, 2022
Time: Asynchronous via DEL’s LearnDash
Pricing: $145
Location: Asynchronous Online

Dr. Nyama McCarthy-Brown and Ann Biddle, MA

In this six-module asynchronous course spanning three weeks, participants delve into the key components of cultivating culturally responsive pedagogy in dance education drawing from key video resources created especially for DEL by Dr. Nyama McCarthy-Brown.

The course is built around Dr. McCarthy-Brown’s curated videos and additional resources designed to guide dance educators through a process of self-examination and teacher reflection; as well as provide culturally responsive teaching tools. Participants will examine how culture, identity, and race show up in their teaching practice and will be asked to reflect on how race and other marginalizing stereotypes operate in their learning environments. In addition, participants will be given building blocks of culturally responsive teaching strategies to de-center Whiteness in the dance classroom.

Must register by Tuesday, April 12, 2022.

May 14, 2022

Women of Street Dance

Date: May 14, 2022
Time: 1-5pm EDT
Pricing: $145
Location: Online

Shakia Barron, MFA

Women of Street Dance will lead participants through an embodied exploration of the history and influence of Hip Hop and House dance culture from the perspective of women who were and still are instrumental in building the foundation of hip hop.

Participants will explore various hip-hop and house dance techniques and engage in a rigorous investigation of the influence of Street Dance culture. This course will include drills and combinations, which will invite dancers to discover their relationship to musicality, and articulation of the body. Improvisation is a critical component of this course and will empower participants to embody movement and feel comfortable improvising. Using film and text, this course will create a framework from which to understand and participate in the global culture of Street Dance. Our guest artists are women currently in the field, making work, spreading their knowledge, and are considered ambassadors of the culture. They will share their lived experiences and empower participants to continue their research on Street Dance.

Jun 4, 2022

DEL Movement Sentence Choir

Date: Jun 4, 2022
Time: 2-6pm EDT
Pricing: $20
Location: 1395 Lexington Ave (on the rooftop!)

Leonardo Sandoval and Sumi Clements

Dance with DEL as we unite together for our first in-person event since winter 2020!

Join Leonardo Sandoval, Co-Director of Music from the Sole, and Taryn Vander Hoop, Co-Founder of Summation Dance and DEL Facilitator, for a DEL Movement Sentence Choir. By the end of this afternoon workshop, you’ll have explored the DEL model and created a brand new piece with the artists that will be performed and live-streamed for your friends and family. Plus, you’ll be featured in a dance film edited and produced by Nel Shelby Productions. Come perform, make a film, and experience a collaborative creative process!

This special event will take place on 92Y’s covered rooftop. Please dress appropriately for the elements. Sneakers, sunblock, and sunglasses are encouraged.

Jun 5 - Jul 17, 2022

Inspiration to Design: Dance Lesson and Curriculum Planning

Date: Jun 5 - Jul 17, 2022
Time: Asynchronous via DEL’s LearnDash
Pricing: $145
Location: Asynchronous Online

Ann Biddle, MA and Catherine Gallant, MFA

In this six-module asynchronous course, participants delve into the key components of lesson plan and curriculum design using the DEL framework.

Participants learn how to develop scaffolded, developmentally appropriate, and standards-based dance learning activities that draw connections to dance artistry, theme-based learning, and arts integration. Participants learn how to design dynamic lessons that align student learning objectives with content and assessments. By the end of the course, participants will write an original six lesson dance unit to share with their peers. This course includes one-on-one coaching for students taking the course for credit (DEL CERT & SUNY/ESC) from veteran DEL faculty, Ann Biddle and​ Catherine Gallant. This course is a terrific opportunity to strengthen your lesson planning and curriculum design.

Registration for Inspiration to Design closes Monday May 30th at 11:59 pm.