May 2 & 9, 2020


Date: May 2 & 9, 2020
Time: 2:30-5 PM
Pricing: $49

Ann Biddle, MA, Shakia Johnson, MFA and Eli Kababa

(Note: In addition to the live sessions, participants who are taking the course for ESC credit will engage in approximately 5 hours of independent and collaborative work.)

In this interactive online course, participants will learn about the rich history and cultural roots of Hip Hop, explore the pillars of Hip Hop and develop strategies to design multidisciplinary lesson plans that build meaningful bridges to music (DJing), visual art (graffiti art), literature (MCing) and the diverse movement vocabulary of Hip Hop styles (Lockin’, Poppin’, Breakin’ and Social dances from the 80’s & 90’s). Participants will examine ways to embed culturally responsive pedagogy within the dance learning environment to engage all students and build community centered around Hip Hop cultural values.  Participants will learn how to make connections to the LMA framework and the NYC,  NY State and National dance standards. Celebrate and deepen your appreciation of the social, cultural and global significance of Hip Hop as an art form!

Course will include online learning (via ZOOM), independent and collaborative work (via ZOOM rooms), and video viewing, access to online materials and resources, group discussion and feedback, plus collaborative dance making and lesson planning activities.