Changing Lives Through Dance

Changing lives through dance is an ambitious yet achievable goal. Programs such as The Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) in New York City are working towards making sure each dance educator has the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to educate the future generations of artists. In addition to this, DEL opens endless opportunities to expand your network by connecting you with a broad community of New York dancers, dance educators, and dance enthusiasts.

As a dance student and future educator, DEL has provided me with the tools necessary to effectively develop my art and translocate my ideas and teachings to my fellow dance colleagues and students. This short but effective course gives you a great insight into the amazing world of dance education in public schools. It shows you the countless benefits of arts integration and the amazing outcomes that come when children are exposed to dance at an early stage in their lives.

DEL Essentials teaches you how to work with groups of ages K-12 and provides you with the essential skills regarding choreography development, lesson plans, and Laban Movement Analysis (LMA).

After finishing the week and reflecting on the activities, materials, and experiences from this workshop, I was able to realize that the skills I developed over the course of three days will not only help me be a better dance educator. But will also help me in my career as a dancer and choreographer. I am so excited to share my teachings with my colleagues back in Texas and to continue this amazing movement that provides dance for every child.

… David Cruz