Victoria Dobson

Garden Grove Unified School District

Victoria Dobson, TK-6

Garden Grove Unified School District

In her current role, Mrs. Dobson serves as a TK-6 dance teacher and curriculum writer for the Garden Grove Unified School District. She teaches students spanning from TK to 6th grade, including a diverse range of learners across twenty-two elementary schools within the district. Mrs. Dobson takes pride in pioneering dance education within the district, as it is the first time being taught at the elementary level. She considers it a privilege to introduce many of her students to dance for the first time. She delights in transforming students’ initial hesitations or fears into moments of joy and educational discovery through movement.

Mrs. Dobson is originally from Park City, Utah and has been teaching since 2014. She received her Bachelor of Science in Childhood Education from The State University of New York at Cortland. She also has a Master of Arts in Dance Education from New York University and a second Masters of Arts in School Leadership from California State University Dominguez Hills. She is actively involved with the California Teacher Credentialing Commission as a member of the Dance Subject Matter Committee. She holds multiple subjects, physical education, dance and administrative credential, as well as a teaching English language learners’ certificate. 

She has experience building dance programs and writing curriculum in the public and private sectors. She created a podcast, Dance With Teachers, to interview top educators across the field, which has been published into a book of interviews. Her work has also been published in the Journal of Dance Education

Mrs. Dobson currently serves as a TK-6 dance teacher and curriculum writer for Garden Grove Unified School District. She believes dance is for every child and is looking forward to dancing with all of her students this year.