Finding Rhythm Through Call and Response:  Body Percussion with Nicholas Van Young

This Fall, DEL will host a brand new online course on the fundamentals of music and movement through body percussion.

This exciting and interactive course will share components of a newly created Dorrance Dance Body Percussion curriculum, written by Nicholas Van Young, Associate Artistic Director for Dorrance Dance, in collaboration with DEL.

Nicholas is a dancer, musician, choreographer, and a 2014 Bessie Award recipient. He began his professional career at age 16, and has performed with Manhattan Tap, RumbaTap, Dorrance Dance, and Beat the Donkey; toured as a drummer for Darwin Deez; and performed in the lead role for STOMP for nearly a decade. He founded Sound Movement dance company and IFTRA, the Institute for the Rhythmic Arts.


During Developing Fundamentals Of Music And Movement Through Body Percussion, participants will learn how to create grooves, explore improvisation within song forms, and explore a collection of passport patterns representing distinct rhythmic patterns from around the globe. Dance educators will collaborate in small groups and create original compositions.

How will you be able to share this with your students?

See an example of the kind of body percussion instruction you can bring to your classroom by watching the following movement exploration, courtesy of Dorrance Dance and 92Y!


Lesson plans presented in this curriculum were designed for 4th & 5th graders but can be adapted for younger or older students

Join us October 23 & 24 for Dorrance Dance: Developing Fundamentals Of Music And Movement Through Body Percussion.