Tracing Footsteps Curriculum

The DEL Tracing Footsteps: Honoring Diverse Voices Through Dance History in NYC remote learning curriculum explores embodied dance history through the examination of the rich dance contributions of three distinct cultural groups who have often been marginalized, ignored, and underrepresented in history.

The Tracing Footsteps curriculum includes three student facing remote learning curricular modules:

  • Module 1: Native American Dance History in NYC – Roots to Branches
  • Module 2: History of Tap Dance – Soul Rhythms
  • Module 3: Into the Heart of Chinatown – Hidden Voices

In this short video you will be introduced to Beedoskah Stonefish, a young dancer of Lenape descent who was the female head dancer at The First United Lenape Nations Powwow in NYC in 2018, and Desmond Madera, a musician and Grass Dancer.

Funded by a grant from the NY Community Trust and the Arnhold Foundation.