DEL Essentials Students Tell All

DEL Essentials Students write about their experience this summer in the classroom with DEL Founder, Jody Arnhold, and DEL Founding Faculty, Ann Biddle.

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 3.37.20 PMLearning is live at DEL. The “Essentials” course has been an eye opening and enriching experience. Prior to this course I have never learned about powering a creative dance lesson through thematic literacy. Jody Arnhold and Ann Biddle have guided me through dance explorations that made my soul feel alive. I am very lucky to have been exposed to this beautiful work through two dynamite teachers and dance education advocates. I wish to offer this gift of knowledge, love and wisdom to my future and current students. My fulfilling experience at DEL has left me craving for more, and I will definitely be returning to continue my education at the 92nd Street Y. I value more than ever the need for dance to be present in the lives of every child. Their physical, cognitive, emotional and social beings depend on it! It is up to us to create the future for dance education, and DEL is where the magic is happening.

…Angela Pagounidis

The experience at the Dance Education Laboratory was unlike any other I have experienced. Being around so many different people with the same ideas and thoughts as you is an incredible learning opportunity. There are people from all around the United States as well as other nations from around the world gathered in the same historic room at the 92Y. The energy was unbelievable in these power packed three days. I gained so much from this course and made lifelong connections. I would highly recommend this course to any teacher, whether dance or general education because either one can benefit much from these principals.

… Jesslyn Reyes

The DEL Essentials course has given me the tools and knowledge I need to become an effective dance teacher. This course has shown me that I have the power to do great things in the classroom. Ann and Jody were so positive throughout the learning process. They created an inspiring atmosphere for the class to grow and explore all teaching possibilities. I would recommend this class as a MUST for dance educators.

… Deanna Mato