DEL Foundations is wrapping up for the year. Over the past few weeks, students have been showcasing all the knowledge and hardwork they have gained with their final project presentations.

As the course draws to a close, we’d like to highlight some of the exemplary work that has taken place over the course of the year. Below is a touching poem written by DEL student, Yvette Caraballo, for her Teacher’s Heart assignment, which asks students to make a creative project of what they believe, think, feel, value, and love as a dance educator. Enjoy the poem!

My Teacher’s Heart
by Yvette Caraballo

When I tell anyone about my teacher’s heart,
I have to say it is one that feels lucky and blessed.
That’s because my teacher’s heart loves dance,
and to me dance is the absolute best.

My teacher’s heart
is one that loves to share what it has been given.
The gift of dance,
the reason why I have risen
into a teacher who has

the ability to create dances
to rhythm and rhyme;

the ability to teach others
how to move their feet, legs, hips, and arms
all at the same time;

the ability to do this in such a fashion
that truly reveals my very strong passion
for the art of dance.

My teacher’s heart lets me share this passion with others,
and understands dance is the essence of me.
When I think about my teacher’s heart,
it is definitely one of the reasons why I breathe.

But for a long time
my teacher’s heart has been the only one doing all the sharing.
It is all my movements, my pick of the songs,
that receives all the nurturing and caring.

No one but me really shares ideas or moves.
The students are just bodies prepared to do what I tell them.
And although my past has proven this is not a bad thing,
I mean really, the students always look good and I feel like a king,
the fact still remains its hard being the only creator.
I had to find a new way or I knew I would be back on this later.

Well my prayers have been answered.
Today I am a student at this place called DEL,
and ever since I’ve been here
it seems my teacher’s heart has been growing quite well.

I am learning a different way to teach children my love of dance.
Instead of dictating my movements in the classroom,
the children are given the chance
to explore and develop guided movements
with their peers, or on their own.
No matter the process they are usually proud of what they have shown.

My teacher’s heart feels brand new.
Now that I have realized it has room to grow,
my teacher’s heart is ready to share this new method
with everyone I know!

I am now a teacher of dancers
who are also creators just like me.
All due to my teacher’s heart,
the reason why I breathe.