Wondering what DEL courses to take this summer?  Look no The further!  We asked DEL instructor Ann Biddle a few cheap jerseys questions about WonderDance–an upcoming course co-taught by Deborah Damast and Jennifer Katz.  She gave us the insider scoop on the course and shares what most fuels her spirit and passion as a DEL Dance Educator.

What most excites you about this course?

Early Childhood Dance is one of my passions as a dance educator, as introducing dance and movement experiences to this age group is so vitally important during this crucial time of life.  This will be the first time we will be presenting the Meeting, new WonderDance curriculum which we have been piloting at the 92nd Street Y  this year.

What do you hope students will take away from this course?

At DEL one of our goals is to inspire teachers and dance students to apply the DEL wholesale jerseys model to their own teaching and learning.  My hope is that teachers will want to pursue a career in early la childhood dance or at wholesale the very least integrate WonderDance principles and ideas into their own teaching context in new and different ways.

What makes the curriculum you will teach at DEL this summer different from courses taught elsewhere?

DEL’s perspective is unique and innovative in so many ways.  The interactive and cooperative learning model that DEL promotes combined with the richly layered and multidimensional WonderDance and 92Y Wonderplay model are unlike any other dance education program.

What is your favorite part about co-teaching this course?

A core part of the DEL model to teacher training is a co-teaching relationship. Collaboration and co-creation is a central part of the wholesale nfl jerseys DEL model, which I highly value.

What most excites you about DEL and the Summer Institute?

I love being part of this amazing dance education community. Summer Weiterbildung is my time to play!  Not only do I love being able to offer my gifts as a teacher trainer in the DEL summer intensive, but also I look forward to being a student as well cheap jerseys and renew myself and my artistry as a teacher.

Ann Biddle, BA, English, Kenyon College, MA, dance education, Teachers College, Columbia University; 15 years professional experience as a wholesale jerseys dance educator, staff developer and multicultural dance specialist; a choreometrics movement analyst; Fulbright scholar; project director for the Empire State Partnership project at Ballet Hispanico in conjunction with P.S. 166; director cheap jerseys and founder of Stories in wholesale jerseys China Motion.