Have you ever wanted to see the world through the lens of movement and be able to understand people and the world around you better? If so, then the upcoming 92Y DEL Summer Institute course,LMA/LOD for Dance Educators, is for you.

The course is based on two areas of Laban studies: Laban Movement Analysis (LMA), which examines universal principles of human movement and Language of Dance (LOD), which also includes a symbolic language of these principles. Tina Curran and Frederick Curry, a power house duo, have teamed up to combine these two traditions into one workshop to explore how they inform one another.

The content of the workshop is going to be applicable to every aspect of your life. The Laban work is about looking at life through the lens of movement, which Rudolf Laban referred to as “movement thinking.” Everything in life is movement and change. Laban Movement Analysis allows you to see movement, be able to articulate exactly what it is, and pick up on movement patterns in people, situations, and the environment. Professor Frederick Curry shares: “This work was completely transformational for me and has changed the way I look at myself and others. It is very humanizing and will make everything and everyone you see fascinating. It constantly reminds me of how amazing a life of movement is.”

The Language of Dance builds from the fundamental Movement Alphabet, the root actions of movement, codified by Ann Hutchinson Guest. LOD further makes use of the visual Motif movement symbols as an integral component of dance and movement education.  The LOD Movement Alphabet can be seen as similar to the primary colors in that as various elements are combined a range of possibilities emerge. By exploring LMA in combination with LOD, Professor Tina Curran states: “For me, by integrating LMA with LOD I discover new hues and shades of movement. It expands what you think is possible.”

So what is it that participants will be doing in this course besides discovering movement analysis? Students can expect to explore movement through a range of modalities, make dances, and apply what they learned to their own teaching or creative context. The days are jam-packed with movement creation and observation of the world around you.

Join us for Week 3 of the DEL Summer Institute and be amazed by your life of movement. You can still receive a discount for the course if you sign up by July 17.  Email [email protected] to register.