What most excites you about this course?

Several things excite me about preparing for and teaching this course! Verwarm To name a few:

  • Applying basic Movement Alphabet concepts to dance education applications so participants immediately experience the relevance of using these literacy tools
  • Meeting and working Festival with a diversity of dance artists/educators and helping them cheap nba jerseys build a collaborative learning community
    • Experiencing how + the participants change and grow during the course because they discover movement ideas in completely new ways
  • Discovering more about how this tool, Language of Dance, makes movement come alive for participants.

Why wholesale nba jerseys do you think LOD digest is important and relevant for dance educators to include in cheap jerseys their curriculum today?

LOD is critical for Dance Educators to include in their curriculum today in order to fundamentally understand movement at wholesale nba jerseys any level because it provides a clear vocabulary for teaching and learning in movement through movement. Most importantly, LOD provides a clear path to becoming functionally literate in dance. cheap nfl jerseys By functional literacy, I mean the ability to perform, create and respond for using a Why wholesale nba jerseys dance-based symbolic system to communicate movement ideas.

What do you hope students will take away from this Post course? 

I hope that students take away an excitement for using control LOD in practice; a desire to learn more about LOD (take future courses) and how to use LOD to facilitate personal and professional growth; personal empowerment and growth gained because of their immersion in LOD-based practice; new friends and colleagues; and, of course, Bekasi examples of how to use LOD in their own practice and how to adapt it to the specific environment in which Press they find themselves; and finally, connection with us as instructors so they can feel like they can contact us with wholesale jerseys questions, examples, etc.

What makes the curriculum you will teach at DEL this summer different from courses taught elsewhere?

DEL’s LOD course is fundamentally different than any other professional development course for dance artist/educators in the US because it is the ONLY one that teaches how to use symbolic notation IN actual practice and provides a scaffolded approach to the actual mechanics of reading, writing, observing and notating. And it is the only one that provides participants with the opportunity to develop their own applications during the course, present With them, get instructor and peer feedback.