Ellen Robbins has been “growing dancers” for decades and she has turned her curriculum into a course that you can take at DEL next week! Ellen was the resident dance educator at Dance Theater Workshop for 34 years and has won a Bessie for her work with children. She is a master teacher and an authority on dance education.

Ellen’s teaches technique, improvisation, and composition to her students (ages 5-18). She is interested in the giving children a complete modern dance experience. Unlike the majority of studios, she invites her students to make their own solo choreography from as early as age 5, so the work is meaningful and comes straight from the heart.

Ellen’s DEL course starts off by attending one of five concerts at New York Live Arts that showcase 85 solos choreographed by Ellen’s students. The remainder of the June Intensive will provide teachers with new ways to teach, new ideas, and new music. When asked what she hopes students will take away from the course Ellen said: “I hope students will learn that being a teacher of dance is being an artist. You have to develop your own voice as a teacher and bring out the voice of the individual artist in children and bring the experience of the art of dance to kids.”

To register for the workshop, email Kathryn Wilkening.