Don’t Stop the Wonder

Welcome to WonderDance

Here we are

Sharing our experiences

From near and far

Israel, Wisconsin, California alike

We gather here at the 92nd St Y


Dance teachers, Preschool teachers, and Science teachers we are

All of us striving to set a new bar

Passion lives in us

learning excites us

and love exerts us

in careers our hearts so dearly chose


With guidance from Ann, Deb, Jen, and Jody

Our knowledge has expanded

and we have all grown


A big thank you to the 92Y Dance Education Laboratory

for supporting us all

Because now those 3’s, 4’s, and 5’s don’t seem quite so scary–

in fact they’re a ball


New relationships, vocabulary and information to ponder

yet the most important thing I’ve learned..

is to not stop the wonder.

~ Kyleigh P. Carlson