DEL Honoring Katherine Dunham’s Legacy

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February 10, 2024


DEL Honoring Katherine Dunham’s Legacy

Date: February 10, 2024
Time: 1-5 pm ET
Pricing: $175 until Jan 21 / $195 after
Location: In-Person at the 92nd Street Y, New York (NYC)

Dana McBroom-Manno and Patricia Dye

In this dynamic, interactive, movement-based workshop, participants will celebrate the life and work of Katherine Dunham, often considered the founder of black concert dance.

Katherine Dunham revolutionized American dance by creating a technique based on traditional African movement styles into modern dance. As a dancer, choreographer, scholar, social activist, dance ethnographer, educator, and writer, Dunham’s impact has reverberated far and wide; her codified Dunham technique is taught globally.

Katherine Dunham’s extensive legacy is preserved today by many dancers including Artistic Directors of P.A.K.A. dance (Passing Ancestral Knowledge Along Theatre Dance Company), Dana McBroom-Manno and Patricia Dye, who will share Dunham’s unique dance style and pedagogy with our DEL community.

The course also includes an asynchronous learning module, which will provide access to multiple resources linked to Dunham’s legacy as related to dance education and dance history.

Join us as we celebrate Katherine Dunham’s expansive impact on the fields of dance and dance education.

Must register by Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

Course scholarships and discounts are available! Learn more about scholarship opportunities here. 

Photo by Roger Wood | Courtesy of the Jerome Robbins Division, The New York Public Library 

Meet Your Instructors

Dana McBroom-Manno

Dana McBroom-Manno, lectures/performances about culture and the African Diaspora continue to enlighten people of all ages. As a former dancer with the Katherine Dunham Dance Company, her experience with Mama Dunham prepared her for a coveted position as a member of New York's Metropolitan Opera Ballet Company for more than...

Patricia Dye

Patricia Dye, a lifelong learner, is currently pursuing her doctorate in Dance Education Ed.D. Program at Teachers College, Columbia University. She earned her B.F.A. in Dance Performance at Adelphi University and her M.A. in Dance and Dance Education from New York University. In 1993 Ms. Dye, founder, co-director, and the...