The DEL Library is located at CUNY Hunter College.

Arnhold Collection of the Dance Education Laboratory is located on the 4th Floor; DVDs, CDs, and other multimedia materials are located on the 2nd Floor behind the A/V Reserves Desk.

To access the library, DEL Students must arrange a time to get a Student ID with Danise Hoover at [email protected]

Hunter East Building
68th and Lexington
Entrance is on the 3rd Floor

Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Programs

The 5-Year BA/MA Dance Education Degree is designed to attract highly motivated students who are interested in a career in dance education and who wish to prepare themselves with a solid liberal arts undergraduate degree and certification to teach. Candidates will demonstrate potential for growth in dance artistry (technique, improvisation, choreography, and performance), as well as academic success. The 5-year BA/MA program allows students to complete both their undergraduate and graduate degrees in Dance Education through a consolidated plan of study.

The MA in Dance Education program prepares dance artist/educators for the demands of teaching the history, culture, and practice of dance in Pre-K-12 curricula and to provide students with the course work required for professional certification for dance teaching in New York State. This program offers three tracks of study:

TRACK 1: Applicants must have a liberal arts bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 34 credits in dance that satisfies the general education requirements in the Graduate School of Education at Hunter College.

TRACK 2: Applicants must have initial K-12 certification in Dance from New York State.

TRACK 3: Applicants must have initial or permanent/professional certification in a field other than dance and a minimum of 34 credits in dance.

Interested in the program? Visit their website or email Kathleen Isaac to learn more!

Photos by Whitney Browne