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DELving into Dance History

Join Ann Biddle (Director of DEL at Jacob’s Pillow) and Felice Santorelli (DEL Facilitator), in this online workshop series highlighting the Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive site. Re-envision dance history as embodied inquiry using the extensive video and multimedia resources of the Jacob’s Pillow Archives. DELving into Dance History is an ongoing series and is designed for K-12 dance educators and college dance history enthusiasts to enhance remote and in-person teaching. Each course investigates different dance artists through multiple contextual lenses in order to gain a holistic understanding of dance history. Each course can be taken on its own.

Fall 2021 DELving Courses:

Oct 16 & 17, 2:00pm – 5:00pm EST via zoom

DELving into Dance History – Asian American Artists (Guest Artists: Dian Dong and Yin Yue) 

DELve into the rich history of Asian and Asian American dance artists from the 20th century till today who have contributed to a broad canon of works in early modern dance and contemporary dance forms. Pulling from Jacob’s Pillow Dance Interactive, and an Asian-Pacific American Heritage Playlist created by Norton Owen, Director of Preservation at Jacob’s Pillow, as well as a growing online collection of dance videos and multimedia essays contextualized by leading dance scholars and thought-leaders, participants will uncover an often hidden and marginalized dance history representing Asian and Asian American artists.  

We welcome two special guest artists into our DELving course: Dian Dong of Chen Dance Center and contemporary choreographer, Yin Yue, both of whom have extensive teaching experience. Dian Dong will share her extensive expertise as a dancer, educator, and community activist and share the work of contemporary choreographer HT Chen which highlights events in early Chinese American history. Contemporary choreographer Yin Yue will share her unique creative process focused on the innovative contemporary dance technique she created called FoCo technique ™ as applied to choreographic process and dance education.

Nov 7 & 14, 2:00pm – 5:00pm EST via zoom

DELving into Dance History – Indigenous Dance of the Americas: Hula (Guest Artist: John Mario Sevilla)

In this immersive and embodied dance history workshop, participants will DELve into the Pillow interactive site’s Indigenous Dance of the Americas playlist curated by Norton Owen, Director of Preservation, in order to celebrate indigenous peoples and their dance forms from the past to the present. Guest Artist John Mario Sevilla, 2021-22 Visiting Scholar at the Asia | Pacific | American Institute at NYU, will share his knowledge and expertise of the art of hula with participants through embodied practice, historical research, community-based dance making, and culturally responsive curricular applications.

Participants will receive classroom resources and discover how to bring hula dance and culture into the classroom in an engaging, culturally responsive, and accessible way.  Participants will also explore the extensive video resources of the Pillow interactive site. 

DELving Mini-Workshop

Join us in the Zoom room as we explore a choreographer’s voice through the Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) model, which emphasizes a comprehensive and inclusive approach to embodied learning. Highly experienced DEL facilitators will guide you through an exploration and investigation of a choreographer’s work through multiple entry points in order to design accessible lessons and activities for all dance learners.

In this interactive, and embodied virtual workshop participants will learn about the DEL model and discover possible applications of the workshop content to one’s own teaching context.

  • Participants will explore different approaches to looking at a choreographer’s work including movement analysis, embodied research, improvisational exploration, and collaborative choreography.

Dec 4, 2:30pm – 5:00pm EST via zoom 

DELving Mini – Pillow Lab Artist, TBD

In this embodied and interactive DELving Mini-workshop, participants will explore aspects of the Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) framework as applied to the artistic vision, choreographic process, and pedagogic approach of one of the Pillow Lab artists (TBD). Come prepared to engage in movement exploration and invention, collaborative dance making, and embodied dance history practice as we DELve into the creative process of our featured dance artist. 

No prior movement experience is required!

DEL at Jacob’s Pillow is made possible by Jody & John Arnhold and the Arnhold Foundation. Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) is founded by Jody Gottfried Arnhold.