Jan 13 - Apr 5, 2020

OPDI-118: Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) Essentials

Date: Jan 13 - Apr 5, 2020
Pricing: $520

Ann Biddle, MA

The mission of the Dance Education Laboratory (DEL) is to bring dance into children’s lives and education by inspiring teachers to be life-long learners, by encouraging experimentation and observation in teaching, and by enabling teachers to give children ownership of the art form as a means of communication. DEL Essentials course is an introductory course that provides an overview of the key components of the nationally acclaimed DEL model of teaching dance to children and teenagers. This new online course is based on the highly popular DEL Essentials course that is taught at DEL 92Y and at Jacob’s Pillow. Participants will examine Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) as a framework for dynamic and scaffolded lesson planning, explore the DEL method of collaborative dance making, gain effective and inspired teaching strategies, and learn how to make connections between dance and other disciplines. If you are a first year teacher or seasoned dance educator who wants to refresh your practice, DEL is the course for you! Join the DEL community network and gain access to a wide range of dance education resources. #danceforeverychild